Warehouse and Rail Terminal

Your Supply in Reach

Offering timely distribution and efficient logistics means getting closer to our customers. IOC offers products via truck, rail car, unit train, or barge, utilizing our widespread terminals, warehouse locations, and access to multiple classes of rail lines.

Our warehouses and rail terminals are strategically located across the United States to better serve partners and dealers.

As the company grows, our locations multiply to broaden our reach, both in logistical capacity and service offerings.

A segmented map of the United States shows the eight regions of the country. IOC has access to all eight regions of the United States.
West South Central
East North Central

East South Central
South Atlantic
Middle Atlantic
New England

Railway tracks fade into a sunset. IOC has access to Class I, II, and III rail lines.

Access to Class I, II, and III Rail Lines

Aerial view of the PCI Nitrogen facility.

24/7 Loading and Unloading Capabilities from PCI Facility

A close-up of white fertilizer granules like ammonium sulfate.

The Products and Commodities We Produce and Procure Include: Ammonium Sulfate, Ammonium Thiosulfate, Sulfuric Acid, Sulfur, Ammonia, Alum, Glycerin, and More

Multiple Locations and Counting

Our warehouses and terminals are located in multiple locations across the country. Some states include: