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One of the largest producers of bulk synthetic grade granular ammonium sulfate in the world, all products are produced to consistent material specifications and reliable quality to exceed the industry standard.

A premier producer of bulk fertilizer and industrial commodities, the plant was acquired in 2016. The facility was at one time a major phosphate producer which was repurposed in 2010 for ammonium sulfate production.

Today, the plant supplies various agricultural fertilizer products and industrial chemicals to essential industries, and is one of the largest producers of synthetic granular ammonium sulfate in North America.

It's all about Location

Prime Location
Multi Modal Development
Optimal Market Access

Prime Location

Located in Pasadena, TX on the Houston Ship Channel
Strategically located marine terminal with underutilized dock space.
Located at the heart of logistics operations for major Gulf Coast refiners.
Access to international markets provided by 35’ draft depth that can accommodate Handymax vessel loadings.
Permits in place for Panamax dock.
20 acres of land available to build dedicated storage for bulk industrial chemicals handling & transloading.

Multi-Modal Development Opportunities

Infrastructure supports vessel/barge-to-tank, vessel/barge-to-pipe, vessel/barge-to-truck and vessel/barge-to-rail transloads and loadouts for various bulk liquid commodities.
Railcar storage, switching and shipping capabilities for 85-car unit trains with land available for additional rail development.

Optimal Market Access

Rail spur connections with Union Pacific, KCS, and BNSF, additional services provided by Port Terminal Railroad Association (PTRA)
Numerous pipeline rights-of-way supported by full ownership of related property.
Existing pipelines on-site carry liquid ammonia, thiosulfate, sulfuric acid, nitrogen, oxygen and natural gas.

We produce, store and 
your produce

Commodity Production
Commodity Storage
Electric Cogeneration

Commodity Production

There are many facilities that offer ammonium sulfate as a co-product of another process. At PCI however, our ammonium sulfate is a proprietary patented product, made in the United States, for the primary purpose of providing Nitrogen & Sulfur to the agricultural industry

All PCI products are produced and maintained to the highest standard—from procurement & production at PCI to the application by the end user.
Ammonium PolyPhosphate
Sulfuric Acid
Ammonium Sulfate
Ammonium ThioSulfate

Commodity Storage

Dry-bulk fertilizer Warehouse
Molten sulfur Pit & tank
Ammonium thiosulfate Tanks
Ammonia Tank
Sulfuric acid Tanks
Ammonium Polyphosphate Tanks
Anhydrous Ammonia Tank
UAN Tanks

Optimal Market Access

PCI Nitrogen’s energy consumption is powered by its own cogeneration unit. This unit captures waste heat from the production process to generate energy for PCI and the excess is used to supplement the Texas energy grid. PCI continues to pursue initiatives to have a positive impact on the environment.

PCI Access points




Rail Lines Serving PCI

Our affiliate production facility, PCI, is conveniently serviced by the PTRA, BNSF, and the UP.