Interoceanic Corporation Announces the Acquisition of Spring Valley USA
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A Leader in Industrial & Ag Markets since 1983

Interoceanic Corporation is a full service supplier, marketer and 
distributor of agricultural and industrial commodities.

Key Events in IOC's History

  • Est. 1983

    IOC was established in 1983 as a fertilizer marketer. The company’s industry expertise and reliability accelerated IOC’s tremendous growth.
  • Export & Import

    IOC initially participated the United States Phosphates export market. With keen market intelligence and reliable logistics, the company established a reputation for itself as a prudent partner in the industry. With this support, IOC expanded into various other fertilizer products such as UAN & Urea.
  • A PCI Nitrogen barge loads and transports agricultural and industrial chemicals.

    Domestic Markets: Barge Marketing

    With the establishment of further marketing contracts, IOC became more and more involved with barge marketing. IOC provided various bulk fertilizer products to wholesalers and retailers. Increased barge market activity and industry know-how allowed IOC to be more strategic to procure and deliver products into the American heartland thereby resulting in efficiencies for the industry.
  • Domestic Markets: Warehousing

    To better provide service to IOC’s clientele, IOC expanded into long term storage. IOC’s inland port & rail terminals further allowed IOC to reach more customers and store larger volumes of product. This allowed for providing product consistently throughout the year, both during and outside of peak seasons.
  • A close-up of white fertilizer granules like ammonium sulfate.

    Ammonium Sulfate Distribution

    IOC becomes the exclusive marketer and distributor for a major ammonium sulfate producer. IOC would transfer the plant’s product through IOC’s expansive logistics system thereby providing a steady outlet for the producer in an ever-cyclical market. The producer is able to continuously produce finished product with the assurance that IOC places the finished product for the best returns and mitigate logistical bottlenecks. 
  • A seedling grows out of fertilizer granules, just like IOC's start in the fertilizer industry.

    Phosphate Distribution

    IOC becomes the exclusive marketer for the domestic production of phosphates in the United States for a major U.S. phosphate producer. IOC leverages its existing consumer and logistical network to provide the phosphate producer with a reliable outlet for Phosphates. Market intelligence and transparency allows IOC to guide the producer in making the most profitable finished product as market dynamics shift.
  • PCI Nitrogen

    In 2016, an affiliate of IOC acquires the industrial chemical plant in Pasadena, TX renaming it PCI Nitrogen. PCI Nitrogen produces Ammonium Sulfate, Ammonium Thio Sulfate, & Sulfuric Acid. IOC becomes the exclusive supplier and marketer for PCI’s raw material and finished goods.
  • Procurement & Industrial Marketing

    IOC enters into a procurement of raw materials for PCI Nitrogen. IOC expands its team and establishes a foothold on markets such as Ammonia, Sulfur, & Sulfuric Acid. IOC establishes relationships with refiners, producers, terminals & other entities to further facilitate procurement and expand industrial marketing.
  • IOC brought an anti-dumping case to the FTC and won in court.

    Protecting Domestic Interests

    PCI Nitrogen & other ammonium sulfate producers file an anti-dumping case with the FTC in regards to China dumping their excess ammonium sulfate into the US markets. This was causing significant harm to domestic producers as well as the end users as QA/QC was being circumvented in the process. IOC provided PCI with material support which resulted in an unanimous decision from the FTC to levy anti-dumping & countervailing duties on Chinese AMS.
  • Chimico Logistics Established

    With logistical advantage being more and more important, IOC establishes an affiliate company to procure logistical assets. Chimico Logistics is established and its first purchase is an ammonia barge; one of only 33 available in the domestic U.S. at the time. The Ammonia barge, christened AZNOP, was dedicated to ammonia supply to PCI Nitrogen and other gulf coast clients. Chimico further adds a sulfuric acid barge the following year to provide support to PCI as well as other acid producers/consumers in the gulf coast.
  • Rail Expansion

    As part of the logistical expansion, IOC established an affiliated company, Chimico Rail Logistics . Chimico Rail entered into the rail fleet ownership by acquired a fleet of 25 sulfuric acid railcars to provide reliability to the plant and its customers. Chimico rail further expands its fleet by acquiring several tank cars to exceed 300+ railcars under management in 2 years. Chimico Rail continues to provide rail support to other shippers in the means of railcar leasing .
  • Future Expansion

    IOC today is a full-service company, rooted in the tradition of achieving high-caliber product leadership, consistent products, reliable distribution, and unmatched customer service. With a history of propelling growth for our company and our customers, we continue to optimize the quality, efficiency, and scope of services to our customers domestically and internationally.