EM2 Enterprises LLC

Announcing EM2 Enterprises

We are pleased to announce the launch of EM2 Enterprises, LLC (“EM2”) located in White Plains, NY.

EM2 is an affiliate of Interoceanic Corporation (“IOC”) and has been established as an investment platform with a focus on small and mid-sized companies in the fertilizer, chemical, lawn & garden, midstream and transportation asset industries.

We believe there is a shortage of options for private and family-owned businesses as they look to raise capital, sell their business, transition a company to future generations, or engage in investment opportunities and asset acquisition. Many owners are looking for an alternative to Private Equity and large investment banks as they want to ensure that a transaction would protect their family’s interests as well as their employees.

As a private, family-owned business and being entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the needs of private businesses and have the knowledge, experience and track record to support owners as they face these challenging decisions.
Not only can EM2 provide capital, but we can also provide infrastructure and knowledge to help businesses scale. By partnering with EM2 we can provide back-office services, such as accounting, ERP platforms, HR, compliance, and other needs of small private businesses that take many years to build. Working with EM2 can provide immediate infrastructure and working capital to allow businesses to scale and focus on commercial priorities.

Each situation is different, and we pride ourselves on allowing for flexibility in structuring a deal, as we know each family and private company is different and has unique needs.

If you are currently looking to transition a business, working on succession planning, or at a crossroads in your company, we would be honored to have a conversation about the possibility of working together.

EM2 Enterprise Services

EM2 Enterprises provides flexible capital solutions to small-midsize private businesses in the United States and Canada. We partner with industry leaders with growth potential that will benefit from our support and expertise. We do not shy away from complicated situations and can provide tailored capital solutions and support to drive growth and profit improvement.
Industrial Chemicals
Marine Assets
Railcar & Locomotives
Terminal & Warehousing
Lawn & Garden