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IOC establishes an affiliated company in part of a logistical expansion. Initially acquiring 25 Sulfuric Acid Railcars to expanding its fleet by over 300+ cars within 2 years.

IOC establishes an affiliate company to procure logistical assets.Chimico Logistics is established and its first purchase is an ammonia barge; one of only 33 available in the domestic U.S. at the time.

PCI Nitrogen & other ammonium sulfate producers file an anti-dumping case with the FTC in regards to China dumping their excess ammonium sulfate into the US markets.

IOC enters into a procurement of raw materials for PCI Nitrogen. Establishing a footprint in new markets.

A IOC affliliate acquires PCI Nitrogen, a industrial chemical plant that produces Ammonium PolyPhosphate, Ammonium Sulfate, Ammonium ThioSulfate, Sulfuric Acid, UAN, located in Pasadena,TX

IOC becomes the exclusive marketer for the domestic production of phosphates in the United States for a major U.S. phosphate producer

IOC becomes the exclusive marketer and distributor for a major ammonium sulfate producer.

Providing product consistency throughout the year by strategically place long term storage facilities accessible by Port and Rail.

Providing bulk fertilizer into the American Heartland. Effectively and Strategically