Interoceanic Corporation Announces the Acquisition of Spring Valley USA
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Corporate Responsibility

Motivating team members to grow on personal, team, global, and business levels.

Renewable Energy and Green Applications

Our PCI Nitrogen plant uses 95% of its own produced steam power. Running a coal-free plant that also produces its own power allows us to use substantially less energy to make our products.

IOC’s affiliate company, PCI Nitrogen, utilizes cogeneration technology to be self-sufficient in its own usage of energy. PCI further expands on this by producing excess clean energy which is sent to the Texas Electric Grid to supplement demand. 

Many companies utilize our product to help in their Green initiatives. We’re proud to help industries like energy and agriculture – that are essential to a healthy economy – make a positive impact on the environment. Our product lines enable farmers to efficiently generate higher crop yields. Industrial chemicals like sulfuric acid treat wastewater by neutralizing pH, and regulate air emissions. Our products transform undesired by-products from oil refineries and upgrade them to environmentally safe and useful products.

Committed to Our Community

The PCI Nitrogen plant is an active and integral part of the Pasadena, Texas community. We are proud supporters of talent from local colleges – including San Jacinto College, University of Houston, University of Texas, Texas A&M, Rice University, Baylor College, and Houston Baptist to name a few – and always look for local applicants first when hiring.

We also sponsor local initiatives like food drives, charity events, and the Pasadena Rodeo. On a corporate level, we sponsor a variety of agriculture shows and safety initiatives.

Past and current efforts include:

  • Pasadena Prime Time Seniors: Donated recreational items for senior citizens
  • Salvation Army Food Drive: Over 450 lbs. in canned and boxed food donations
  • Mothers of Military Deployed Overseas: Donations were made to help with shipping costs of care packages
  • Pasadena Police Department “Officer Santa”: Donations made to help provide toys for children in need in the Pasadena community
  • Angel Tree Program: Provided toys and clothes to disadvantaged children