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Granular Ammonium Sulfate

PCI’s Patented Product

PCI Nitrogen is one of the largest producers of synthetic grade granular ammonium sulfate fertilizer in the world.

The PCI Advantage: The Benefits of PCI Ammonium Sulfate

Growing high quality crops with exceptional yields is an exact science. We provide the products and resources needed to help you achieve your crop goals.

Premium Product. Increased Yield.

PCI’s Granular Ammonium Sulfate is of a high quality, purposely manufactured through our proprietary process. Our proprietary patented technology ensures the SGN size is uniform, which serves to:
Reduce streaking through a more even spread
Blend evenly with urea, potash & phosphates
Better storing and shipping
Our granular ammonium sulfate is designed for more consistent bulk blends, direct application distribution, and plant absorption.

View the difference between PCI synthetic premium granular ammonium sulfate and that of other producers below:
product specifications and Sulfur requirements

The Benefits of Ammonium Sulfate (AS)

Ammonium sulfate is a necessary component to healthy crop development. Crop varieties that benefit from AS include:
(Click crop to view research and sulfur required by crop)

Crop Benefits

  • Increases drought tolerance by promoting root development
  • Assists in the breakdown of organic matter
  • Stimulates seed production and early maturity
  • Aids in the conversion of nitrate into protein
  • Integral part of certain amino acids
  • Helps plants maintain dark green color by promoting chlorophyll production
  • Promotes nodule formation on legumes
  • Increases water filtration
  • Improves soil structure

Combating Sulfur-Deficiency

Ammonium Sulfate fertilizer provides two essential plant nutrients: nitrogen and sulfur. For regions in the United States with sulfur-deficient soil, supplementing with AS lowers a crop’s vulnerability to nitrogen loss from leaching, volatilization, and denitrification. Ammonium sulfate also helps crops maintain a higher nutrient efficiency (including nitrogen, potash, phosphates, and micronutrients), and contains sulfur that is readily available for plant absorption.

Sulfate sulfur from AS fertilizer is the only sulfur supplement that is 100% water soluble and available for immediate plant root absorption. Other sulfur products only supply elemental sulfur or an elemental/sulfate combination, which needs a conversion period.
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