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Harnessing the Power of Quality and Consistency

Production at PCI Nitrogen

PCI Nitrogen is a premier producer of bulk fertilizer and industrial chemicals.

One of the largest producers of bulk synthetic grade granular ammonium sulfate in the world, all products are produced to consistent material specifications and reliable quality to exceed the industry standard.

A premier producer of bulk fertilizer and industrial commodities, the plant was acquired in 2016. The facility was at one time a major phosphate producer which was repurposed in 2010 for ammonium sulfate production.

Today, the plant supplies various agricultural fertilizer products and industrial chemicals to essential industries, and is one of the largest producers of synthetic granular ammonium sulfate in North America.

The Facility

The Pasadena Commodities International (PCI Nitrogen) plant 
in Pasadena, Texas, is strategically located on the Houston Ship Channel.
The facility has large production and storage capacities and employs over 130 people. On-site assets include the nitrogen fertilizer plant, sulfuric acid plant, and an electric cogeneration plant.
Commodity Production
- Ammonium sulfate
- Ammonium thiosulfate
- Sulfuric acid
- Electric cogeneration

- Ammonia by barge
- Molten sulfur by truck or rail

Commodity Storage
- Dry-bulk fertilizer
- Ammonium thiosulfate
- Sulfuric acid
- Molten sulfur
- Ammonia

Facility Access Points

The PCI facility has access to 
major waterways, rail lines and highways.


Our deep-water docks can load barges and vessels of various sizes. The plant provides access to the Mississippi River waterway system and international markets.


PCI Nitrogen is also connected to key domestic railroads that facilitate the efficient and cost-effective distribution of its products. This allows the company to deliver products within the U.S. and abroad at a significant freight advantage over our competitors.

PCI is adjacent to PTRA Port Terminal Railroad Association, which is serviced by the Union Pacific & Burlington North, which in turn connects to all major rail lines, including U.S. Class I, II, & III.

PCI has the ability to load a large range of car unit trains.

24/7 Loading and Unloading

We have 24/7 loading and unloading capability for vessels, barges, railcars, and trucks.

Environmental Initiatives

PCI Nitrogen’s energy consumption is powered by its own cogeneration unit. This unit captures waste heat from the production process to generate energy for PCI and the excess is used to supplement the Texas energy grid. PCI continues to pursue initiatives to have a positive impact on the environment.

Reliable, Consistent & Deliberate Quality Products

There are many facilities that offer ammonium sulfate as a co-product of another process. At PCI however, our ammonium sulfate is a proprietary patented product, made in the United States, for the primary purpose of providing Nitrogen & Sulfur to the agricultural industry

All PCI products are produced and maintained to the highest standard—from procurement & production at PCI to the application by the end user.
Our customers have the benefit of buying the highest possible quality product directly from the producer at a competitive price. Domestic production assures stringent quality control is maintained as well as provides for American jobs.