Chimico Rail

Dedicated Railcar Fleet

Established in 2018, Chimico Logistics provides marine distribution support for IOC.  Chimico provides support and expands IOC’s logistics capacity in the U.S. Gulf”

Chimico Rail expands Interoceanic Corporation’s reach via an owned railcar fleet and longstanding relationships with rail lines.

Building on IOC’s philosophy of growth, the affiliate company owns and leases fleets of ATS, Sulfuric Acid, and UAN cars that provide support to PCI Nitrogen as well as other customers in the domestic US.

Rail Lines servicing PCI

The BNSF Railway logo. Interoceanic Corporation has access to the BNSF Railway.
The Union Pacific logo shows that IOC has access to multiple rail lines including UP.
The PTRA logo shows that IOC has access to the Port Terminal Railroad.