About Us

Interoceanic Corporation (IOC) is an international leader in bulk chemical fertilizer distribution with our headquarters located in New York.

IOC was established in 1983 as a marketer of United States export phosphates and quickly grew to include distribution of imported nitrogen from the FSU, China, and the Arab Gulf into major North American Ports.

The value we provide to our customers stems from our knowledge of the international markets and our strong domestic manufacturer relationships. We have the capacity to provide our customers with full vessels, barges, unit trains, single railcars, and bulk truckload shipments.

IOC’s operations focus on three basic arenas: World Trade, U.S. Distribution and U.S. Industrial Supply. It is through these basic building blocks that IOC has evolved into one of the premier distributors in the industry.

The success of IOC can be contributed to the motivation and experience of our team. The critical factor for most trading and distribution companies is not only knowledge of, but expertise within the US logistic system and international freight markets. IOC has that expertise working for you. With the diversity of our business we have excellent relationships with major vessel owners and all US barge, rail and truck carriers.

These factors combine to give IOC an information network in the industry second to none. This allows our team to make informative decisions on the market in short order, and gives our customers timely and sensitive intelligence, plus timely distribution, to help them compete and win in volatile times.